What is ischooledx?

  • ischooledx is the most respected and unique education space with global perspective founded in 2013, on the principle of building and implementing great ideas that drive progress for students, parents and people around the world.
  • ischooledx, operates podium the most exciting and huge social media network dedicated to its international student community, irrespective of any discrimination to sharpen their career minded professional education in international standards and to mould new generation into a posterity capable of tackling the impending challenges of the day.

ischooledx is a family learning.

  • ischooledx is an education space with global perspective, encouraging and providing the best ambience for families to come together for education, entertainment and learning.
  • Students get the best education through ischooledx. We at ischooledx democratize education by enabling everyone to learn from world experts.
  • Students and parents can interact with other students, their families, relatives, friends, teachers and experts in other parts of the world through podium.
  • Alert is an advanced information and safety mechanism that connects parents, teachers and students on a single platform. Alert is a quality tool for school management, which help schools and teachers to inform significant updates of schools immediately to parents and students.
  • The families can explore tyee the best international reading room providing latest international updates on topics like Science, Who is who, Innovation, Current affairs, What is what, Sports news, International affairs, Smart kid, Smart dad, Smart mom, Art, Life style etc.

What ischooledx does?

  • ischooledx lead the new generation of students across the world to outperform the competition and stay ahead of the innovative curve. Our passion for excellence in everything we do make us strive and provide students with needed insight on what awaits ahead.
  • We help students to transform and thrive in a changing world through our verticals of activities like podium, alert and tyee. This is of a great advantage for student community in this era of big data and cloud computing.
  • ischooledx influence, encourage and lead the education using modern and effective methods of learning in an international standard.

ischooledx putting students first.

Dear reader,
Some of our slogans are as follows :

  • ischooledx, one world, one school.
  • ischooledx, learn, think and work globally.
  • ischooledx, where smart students interact.

All our slogans reflect our intention to motivate students across the globe to learn, think and work globally. Thus next generation grow to the dimensions matching global citizens.

We recognize the importance of nurturing inner thoughts and encourage the sense and responsibilities befitting a global citizen on values like compassion, sharing, social rights, world peace, human rights, rights for nature, environmental protection etc... and we will be implementing our best for putting students first on these global issues.

Happiness through Education.

We find happiness in striving hard with a vision to realize our slogan "One world, one school" to influence and lead the world education scenario. We give practice for students across the world to learn, think and work from a global and human perspective, which benefits the whole world.